Thursday, 22 October 2020

Yamaha XT125X XT125R Front and Rear Brakes Common Problems

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Yamaha YBR 125 Front and Rear Brakes Common Problems

brakes are spongy or do not hold 

- air in brake line or fluid leak
-pads/discs worn
-contaminated pads ie oil/grease
-deteriorated brake fluid
-master cylinder faulty/worn
-disc warped

brake does not hold 

-brakes incorrectly adjusted
-brake shoes worn
-leak loss of fluid in braking system


-disc warped
-wheel axle bent 
-brake caliper bolts loose
-wheel warped/damaged
-wheel bearing wear or damaged
-brake drum out of shape

Brake drag

-master cylinder piston seized
-levers or pedals stuck seized stiff
-caliper pistons or assembly seized
-brake pads not installed correct or damaged or foreign object present
-fluid contamination 
-brake shoe springs 
-brake shoe mechanism seized 

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