Thursday, 22 October 2020

Yamaha XT125X XT125R flat battery , not charging , overcharging

 Yamaha XT125r battery keeps going flat .

you need a good battery it a must buy good quality , especially with newer XT125r as they have no back
up kick start , which is a step backwards in my opinion .

find batteries to fit the Yamaha XT125r  here on Ebay UK or here on amazon UK

common problems Yamaha XT125r  flat - weak  battery

- Battery faulty or worn out , replace battery  after checking voltage levels , fluid levels and specific gravity .
- poor terminal contacts ( happens a lot )
-excessive load ( remove some of them lights , stereos whatever )
-faulty ignition switch
-alternator stator coil failure ( test for open or shorted coils )
-faulty wiring ie short on loom or loose connections (check wiring and contact clean all connector blocks )

battery overcharging

- faulty reg rectifier
-defective battery
-wrong battery size

Yamaha XT125r recommended or Genuine battery chargers are listing below

YEC-40 Battery Charger   - buy on Ebay UK or Amazon UK

 YEC-8 Battery Charger  -   buy on Ebay UK or Amazon UK


buy new yamaha XT125r stator direct from china see here 

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