Thursday, 5 November 2020

Yamaha XT125 R X regulator rectifier testing

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First ill show a quick test on diodes inside you regulator rectifier .

You are just checking current flow through the regulators diodes in forward and reverse bias.

Cagiva Mito 125 regulator and charging system testing .

I usually face the regulator this way and test as below 

Connect + side of meter to bottom left hand pin/ connector and negative or common to
upper left hand pin you should get a reading of 0.6 or just under here i get 0.512 so happy with that.

swap the leads around and you should get 0L on the meter meaning current is
flowing one way and not the other and diode inside regulator is fine.

Now do the same but on the far right hand side pins/ connectors 
test both ways again you should get 0.6 or close to it one way and 
OL the other again testing the diode.

Now test between the R/H lower pin and centre you should get a reading one way and not the other my reading is 1.172 and its a good rectifier regulator and show diode working 

Now test between the L/H lower pin and upper centre pin you should get a reading one way and not the other my reading is 1.181 close to above reading  and its a known good rectifier regulator and shows diode working 

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